IT Specialist

Now recruiting an IT Specialist for a Retailer in the Bahamas. Join an organization that is undergoing a massive growth stage. Great employee perks, team and opportunity for growth.

Job Objective

Reporting to the President/CEO, the IT Manager is responsible for expanding and maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure. The incumbent is also responsible for managing the WAN, LAN, SAN and EDI computer platforms and implementing cost-effective ways to grow the network to meet future needs while providing real-time data to make informed decisions.

▪ BSc in Computer Science or related field
▪ 5+ years’ experience in information technology management
▪ Comprehensive understanding of network architecture and client/server technology
▪ Knowledge of Produce Pro Software and QuickBooks an asset

Tax-free annual salary: $75,000 USD.

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Grocery Manager

Reporting to the President/CEO, the Grocery Manager is responsible for planning and directing the day-to-day operations of the Grocery Department of the store. The incumbent is also responsible for developing strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, increase profitability, create store policies and marketing programs that will increase sales and grow the existing customer base.

Key Functions and Duties

Operational Management

  • ▪  Ensure an efficient grocery department operation which is able to fulfill all operational and customer demands
  • ▪  Plan, coordinate and monitor the receipt, storage of all grocery items
  • ▪  Schedule and assign employees as required
  • ▪  Analyze and interpret sales figures and trends to facilitate operational planning
  • ▪  Identify current and future customer requirements to optimize business operations
  • ▪  Ensure availability of merchandise at all times
  • ▪  Formulate pricing policies by reviewing merchandising activities; determining additional

    needed sales promotion and studying trends

  • ▪  Maintain awareness of market trends in retail industry to continuously improve operations
  • ▪  Identify systems improvements and make necessary recommendations for change
  • ▪  Implement security systems and procedures to secure merchandise
  • ▪  Maintain inventory by implementing purchasing plans and staying in contact with vendors

    and shippers

  • ▪  Ensure any hazardous materials are stored in accordance with the requirements
  • ▪  Provide a safe working environment, adhering to Occupational Health, Safety and

    Environmental standards

  • ▪  Liaise with suppliers and provide timely feedback when necessary
  • ▪  Respond to customer complaints and comments in a timely manner

    Financial Management

    ▪ Prepare annual department Budget (including capital & recurrent expenditure)
    ▪ Monitor all departmental income and expenditure to ensure prudent management of funds ▪ Achieve budgeted forecasts


Personnel Management

▪ Coach, train and develop all grocery department staff to optimize performance ▪ Set schedules
▪ Develop and communicate Key Performance Indicators to all staff
▪ Conduct annual Performance Appraisals for direct reports

▪ Recommend staff welfare/developmental activities as required Other Duties

▪ Participates in/leads cross-functional committees/work groups as required ▪ Performs other related duties that may be assigned

Key Competencies

• Excellent analytical, problem solving, negotiating and decision-making skills

  • ▪  Ability to exercise vision, innovation and creativity and strategic thinking in enabling the

    Company in realising its objectives

  • ▪  Ability to consistently demonstrate integrity and sound business ethics in the execution of


  • ▪  Strong leadership and management skills
  • ▪  Excellent attention to details
  • ▪  Good inter-personal skills
  • ▪  Good communication skills
  • ▪  Ability to lead team to meet/exceed operational targets
  • ▪  Manage Department Budget
  • ▪  Represent Company


    ▪ BSc in Management of related field
    ▪ 5 years of medium to large scale grocery store management
    ▪ Proficient in Microsoft Office products
    ▪ Knowledge of Produce Pro Software and QuickBooks an asset ▪ Work multiple shifts as required

    Reporting Relationships

Reports to : President/CEO

Supervises : Stock Clerks, Grocery Supervisors Grocery

Liaises With : All Department Managers, Board of Directors, External Clients and Relevant Agencies, External Clients and Relevant Agencies