Nayara Resorts, Costa Rica


Nayara Resorts


Costa Rica


Meandering through tropical gardens and unspoiled rainforests, trekking across rocky formations in the world’s driest desert, or embarking on enchanting rides through ancestral lands – these are just a glimpse of the experiences offered by Nayara Resort, an exclusive collection of award-winning properties. Situated in some of the world’s most sought-after and remote destinations, Nayara Resort boasts extraordinary natural beauty, unique landscapes, and abundant nature.

Hospitality, to Nayara Resort, is a continuous cycle between their guests, nature, and the destination. They specialize in crafting private, romantic, and unifying experiences, complete with unexpected amenities and innovative gastronomy. Understanding the value of every guest’s time, Nayara Resorts’ goal is to ensure each stay is perfect, offering a blend of adventure, relaxation, and a deep connection with the special places they call home.


Nayara Resort in Costa Rica contacted DC Global Talent seeking two Sous Chefs equipped with the requisite experience and skills.

Roles we recruited:

X2 Sous Chefs

Time to fill:

31 working days