Daniela Correia

D.C. Global Talent Inc. has partnered with a video interview software and I am SOOOO excited!

Clients can now request to view one-way video interviews from shortlisted candidates. Candidates can also complete one-way video interviews when scheduling conflicts/ time zones are affecting availability to be live with ME.

Rest assured, all candidates will be screened by me, we may just be sending you a video interview to complete first. This is an awesome new feature and service because I can share links to videos with clients to review and rate.

For candidates, I have recorded personalized intro and outro videos so you feel like I’m right there with you.

BONUS! Videos are saved on the cloud so I can revert back in the future and get a refresher on candidate experiences.

Interested in recruitment services? Email daniela@dcglobaltalent.com

Love always,

Daniela Correia

C.E.O/ Founder at D.C. Global Talent Inc.

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Daniela Correia

Daniela Correia