Every day I receive dozens of resumes and every day I speak to a dozen candidates. Receiving a strong resume is awesome but what makes my job as a recruiter truly special is connecting with the person behind the resume.

I wish I had the “perfect job” for each candidate I connect with but unfortunately, that isn’t always going to be the case. What I always stress to candidates I connect with is that I might not have a match for you NOW but keep in touch with me because you never know what position may arise in a month, two or even a year down the road.

Building a rapport with your recruiter is as important as making a great impression on a first date. When you get a chance to jump on a call with your recruiter, ensure that you are sharing more than just your career path, objectives, goals and salary expectations. Share details about yourself!

Any given week I am speaking to 50 candidates over the phone, sometimes more. The candidates I remember most, without having to search through a CRM are the ones who’ve shared with me personal details about their life. The Director of Sales who relocated with her daughter to Tanzania and is now playing University Basketball in The United States, the Chef who learned to speak 6 languages from growing up on a cruise with his captain father….

Don’t be shy! Share what makes you unique. Remember that there will always be other professionals in your niche but there will never be another you.

There have been times when I get a new job requisition and immediately think of the perfect candidate for the job, not only because they are qualified but because they are special and I know what makes them unique.

Trust me when I say that a good recruiter will want to know more than a candidate’s career history and projection. The good recruiters will want to know you on a human level so speak up and share.


Daniela Correia

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Daniela Correia

Daniela Correia