Happy International Women’s Day to all women everywhere. I am so proud to be a female entrepreneur in a time where so many women are championing one another. This year is extra special to me because I am proud to be celebrating my featured in SHE WANTS TO MOVE, a book lead by Johanna Cabildo and her passion for uniting women all around the world.

“She Wants To Move” is a book co-authored by 186 women that champion the voice of ambitious females worldwide through a collaborated publication.

It gives me so much joy to know so many goal-getting women using their voices with confidence and turning their dreams into reality. This book is filled with women in abundance of grit, talent, and tenacity.

she wants to move. daniela correia

You can expect to be inspired by all 186 coauthors to dream bigger and reach higher. This publication is a sweet reminder of how much we can achieve and how many people we can reach, working together 💗

The book showcases motivating success stories, relatable setbacks, and wisdom to encourage and inspire other women globally. This initiative is dedicated to empowering women to make progress mentally, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. “She Wants To Move” invites women of all ages to challenge themselves to move- move on, move forward and move together as a female community.

Daniela Correia
Daniela Correia, C.E.O. and Founder at D.C. Global Talent Inc.
Daniela Correia

Daniela Correia