Pandemic vs Hospitality Recruitment

If you told me last week that I’d be canceling my highly anticipated trip to Costa Rica with my family, I would have laughed YEAH RIGHT! Today this is the reality many of us are facing.

In just one week we have seen governments issuing travel bans, closing borders, and airports, business being forced to temporarily close due to social distancing, and quarantine… all necessary and valid precautions to take so we can flatten the curve and protect our communities.

With all the news, opinions and memes of the internet, we have to remember the #1 rule: DO NOT PANIC! Use common sense, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and stay home.

On a personal note I am rather used to isolating myself because I already work from home so besides my daily F45 classes being canceled, not much has changed. Business, however, is being impacted as hotels are issuing a “HIRING FREEZE” for 2 months because of Coronavirus/ covid19.

With the complexities of work permits and immigration laws in the Caribbean, hotels need to consider that this Pandemic will pass and when it does, will they be prepared.

Hiring processes are long for roles requiring work permit holders. Between sourcing and screening candidates, multiple interviews with HR, hiring managers and higher-ups, employers still need to negotiate contracts, issue an offer while candidates need to prepare all necessary documents to then courier before submitting a work permit application. This whole process often will take 2 months anyways. If hotels issue a hiring freeze now and decide to revisit recruitment in 2 months’ time, they will only fall further behind.

I have had to notify many of my hotelier candidates who were being considered for roles that we are on hold for now, and will revisit later. I am happy to say that everyone is being more than understanding as they are feeling the effects at their properties as well. Occupancy rates are as low as 20% and will likely decrease as travel bans begin. Cayman Compass reported that there will be no inbound and outbound flights to the Cayman Islands as of Sunday, March 22nd for 3 weeks. Anyone arriving on the island by Sunday, March 22nd will have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

Now more than ever is the time for hotels to get to work, ensuring they have a strong team ready to increase revenues and provide unparalleled service when this pandemic passes because it will. Review your organizational structure and conduct a SWOT analysis with your team. What are your current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats?

When has a strong team ever been a weakness?

Stay safe and sound everyone!

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