Toronto’s Culinary Tapestry Unfolds: A Dozen of New Michelin Stars Light Up the Scene

In the ever-vibrant culinary landscape of Toronto, a dozen new stars have joined the prestigious Michelin Guide, once again reaffirming the city’s status as a global hub for gastronomic excellence. While the specific accolades of stars and Bib Gourmands are still under wraps, the excitement surrounding these new additions is palpable. Let’s take a closer look at the diverse array of Toronto’s newest Michelin-starred restaurants:


Nestled in the Ace Hotel just off King West, Alder specializes in wood-fired dishes with a Mediterranean flair. Chef Patrick Kriss, a Michelin Guide regular with ventures like Alo, Aloette, and Alobar, brings his expertise to create an unforgettable dining experience.


This modern Filipino gem in Parkdale, helmed by Chef Robbie Hojilla, combines French and Italian influences with Filipino flavors. A cozy spot with dishes that dance on your tastebuds, BB’s promises a delightful culinary journey.


Located on St. Clair West, FK embraces French Continental-meets-Italian culinary influences. With a commitment to locally sourced, in-house ingredients, FK promises a culinary experience that captures the essence of each season.

Kappo Sato

A Mount Pleasant gem, Kappo Sato immerses diners in Japanese culinary culture through its exquisite omakase offerings. Chef-owner Takeshi Sato’s open kitchen adds a captivating dimension to the dining experience.


Situated in the Entertainment District, Kiin offers an elegant Thai culinary journey inspired by Chef Nuit’s favorite childhood dishes. From sea salt-crusted sea bream to wing bean salad, Kiin presents a platter of Thai delights.

MIMI Chinese

This buzz-worthy spot in Yorkville introduces unexpected ingredients and flavor medleys. From the four-foot-long Shaanxi-style belt noodle to pumpkin and snow melon in Shaoxing broth, MIMI Chinese promises a feast for the senses.


A romantic, French-inspired bistro in Harbord Village, Parquet elevates well-known dishes with unique and unexpected details. With a rotating seasonal menu, Parquet adds a touch of surprise to every visit.

Sunnys Chinese

Hidden in Kensington Market, Sunnys Chinese offers home-style food with textures and flavors that come “out of the wok or grill and onto the plate.” A delightful spot for Asian-inspired comfort food


Bringing Georgian flavors to the Beaches, Tiflisi captures the hearty, meaty essence of Eastern European cuisine. The Pkhakadze family, at the helm of the kitchen, delivers a culinary journey through their home country.


Inspired by chic hotel lobbies, Vela on King West boasts a menu stacked with funky flavors. From deep-fried maitake mushrooms to tangy artichoke cakes, Vela caters to both vegan and carnivorous palates.

White Lily Diner

In Riverside, White Lily Diner redefines elevated diner dishes with eclectic additions. Familiar yet surprising, their full English breakfast and Reuben patty melt promise a twist on the classics.

The Wood Owl

Nestled in Danforth East, The Wood Owl offers a cozy setting with a menu that changes with the seasons. Crispy eggplant fries, rockfish crudo, and confit sunchokes await, paired with an ever-changing eclectic wine selection.

For more culinary adventures and to explore the complete Michelin Guide for Canada, venture into the diverse and dynamic world of Toronto’s gastronomy.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate the culinary constellations together!