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Kathe of D.C. Global Talent Inc. was amazing and super helpful to find the perfect job for my next role. Professional and experienced with the industry.
Bel Pracilio Tora
Very professional,approachable and best service
Namutala Gaitano
I'm grateful that I was considered for the position I applied for. The feedback provided by Kathe was astounding. It gave me a much needed insight on the areas for development to attain my goals. Thank you for the opportunity.
Krys George
An outstanding experience I had with D.C. Global Talent Inc. I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Jessica Joseph for recognize my application and giving me the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge, It was my pleasure speaking with her. I am genuinely impressed by her professionalism, flexibility and her efforts to share with me the detailed information and before even asking questions, I got numerous data that covered all my inquiries. I have to say her patience with me to listen without interpretation and answering my questions that was so kind. Ms. Jessica commitment to respond to my emails and arrange the meeting at my convenience. And making me feeling comfortable and valued duing the meeting. Ms. Jessica spent a good quality of time to ensure I got fully aware on the role requirement, and the employer background, also her approach to share and explain the employer requirements that supported me to understand and to learn more about the role. Thank you so much once again Ms. Jessica Joseph and D.C. Global Talent Inc., your assistance and support are highly appreciated indeed. I am looking forward for the next steps.
I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for the exceptional service and world-class professionalism provided by your team throughout my job search process. Your anticipative service, comprehensive guidance, meticulous follow-ups, and the unwavering support of your friendly and highly competent professionals have truly made a significant difference in my career journey. From the moment I engaged with DC Global Talent Recruitment, I was impressed by the level of expertise and dedication demonstrated by your team. The guidance and assistance I received were not only thorough and detailed but also tailored to my unique needs and aspirations. Your proactive approach to addressing potential challenges and ensuring a seamless experience set you apart as a truly top-tier recruitment agency. Thanks to your efforts, I have successfully secured a job on the Cayman Islands, and the entire process was remarkably hassle-free and efficient. Your team's commitment to excellence and personalized care made me feel supported every step of the way, instilling confidence and easing any uncertainties I may have had. I cannot recommend DC Global Talent Recruitment highly enough to anyone seeking professional recruitment services. Your commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and genuine care for your clients make you stand out as a leader in the industry. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a remarkable team of professionals. Thank you once again for all that you have done for me. DC Global Talent Recruitment truly embodies the highest standards of service and professionalism, and I am confident that anyone who chooses to partner with your agency will experience the same exceptional level of care and support that I have received.
Joel Tusiime
For Recruiters to take time off their busy schedules to explain job opportunities step by step and also give you tips on how to secure the job, that is a plus. Thank you so much
Akeil Alexis
Wonderful experience, Excellent experience, Kathe is a gem, super comfortable and very knowledgeable. She shared many insights for my profile representation and how I can be an effective candidate. Wonderful talking to Kathe Small, hope we have another meeting and discussion soon. Thanks very much for shortlisting my profile. I appreciate it, and again, thank you to Anna and Kathe for their amazing insights and initial discussion.
Nilesh Rastogi
I would like to thank the website supervisors dc global Talent for the quality of their professional service in general and especially Miss Kathrine de léon Small for supporting me in obtaining a work permit in Cayman Island Thank you again for trusting me And for your efforts
Abdelmoutalib Tarbouchi
She was always attentive from the first time we contacted, offering her knowledge about the industry and helping to find the vacancy and dream job, even after I had arrived at my destination, she continued to be up to date to offer help and advice. There is no way to fully thank miss Daniela, for making it happen 1000% recommended. God placed her on the path to continue meeting an outstanding and lovely person as she ! Always grateful!
Armando Cote
I would like to Thank Ms. Daniela for her everlasting kindness, support and motivation. Her genuine smile and care made such a great impression since my first meeting. She guided me at each and every step. She is really professional and very helpful. I really like to recommend her for all her great customer care, great support, genuine nature and very positive attitude. I feels very fortunate that her guidance helped me to advanced my career. I would like to wish her all the best for more success in her personal and professional life.
Vishal Rohidas Sasane
Daniela helped me immensely during my recruitment process. She was in constant communication with me during the whole process to make sure my needs were met and was able to answer all of my questions.
Yia Medina
I've worked with a lot of recruiters. D.C. Global Talent Inc. has a great team. I am very impressed with Laura. Laura truly listens to what it is that her candidates desire and helps them find a job that is not only what they are looking for but that is beneficial to their career trajectory. I look forward to continuing to work with D.C. Global and with Laura!
Joel Kell
Had a great chat with Nira about a role and she was so gracious during the conversation. Very thorough with information to make you very comfortable with the role and honest in everything so that you make the right choice.She is definitely a Gem and am sure anyone who has had an opportunity to interract with her would eco my sentiments.
Mary Muthoni
DC Global is the best, because they offered you the right fitment after interacting several times with you, they do not just help you to get your dream job, but they do work along with you, as a career consultant, mentor and after that they will tailor your need for your career growth.
Chef Sovan
Where do I begin?! D.C. Global were amazing from day 1! Nira, was so supportive, helpful, communicative, and a champion for me. I recommend D.C Global 100%.
Carlos Maldonado
Ms. Alma’s professionalism has changed my life in all aspects, not only professional. She was really patient to assist me in the hiring process, giving me help through unknown topics for me. God Bless Alma and Dc Global. Madame Danielle Pienaaar is also a wonderful professional, who also thinks on her clients, really empathetic. God bless you all.
Luanh Gabriel Ferreirae
Incredible experience. The support was more than excellent. Special thanks to Laura Slsbber fot the amazing support.
Jeffrey Rodriguez
This was my first time engaging via LinkedIn and this was much needed information, especially considering transition into a new path after 11 years not applying for a job. The session was very informative
Felesha Williams-Mansaray
I had a great experience being on-boarded with D.C Global Talent Inc. Nira communicated throughout the entire process and was always available for questions or support if needed. I recommend!
Bianca Z
It is a great experience Thanks a lot for the opportunity, Katherine. I really appreciate D.C. Global Talent for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks a lot.
Ray Williams
Good contact. Efficient at matching my profile with the right position. Would recommend to anyone looking for skilled work.
Jason M
For anyone looking for new challenges and career opportunities, I would recommend D. C. Global Talent Inc. as one of the best recruitment agencies. I was particularly impressed by Laura Slabber’s recruiting skills. She was very professional and talented. Laura was available any time of the day for queries and suggestions. She was constantly checking in to see how things were going and was very interested in the post-job interview part. It has been a pleasure to have Laura as my recruiter, and I would recommend DCG, especially if you are looking for something out of the country. Laura Slabber is an asset to her company, and any company would be lucky to have her on the team. Once again, thank you so much Laura Slabber and D. C. Global Talent Inc.
Lulu Segura
For anyone who is seeking for new challenges and career opportunities I would definitely like to recommend D. C. Global Talent Inc. One of the best recruitment agencies, thanks to them I am looking forward to my new role in the Caribbean, special shout out to Laura Slabber for her assistance in this. Once again, Thank you so much Laura and D. C. Global Talent Inc.
Ruben Garrido
D.C. Global Talent has been amazing. I have been appointed as Executive Chef in the Cayman Islands because of the amazing work Katherine did. Thanks so much, guys! You are great!
Craig Jordaan
I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU to Daniela, Tiaan, Alma & Katherine for this amazing opportunity to work in the Caribbean. I am so so excited & very proud to be apart of the team! Can't wait to get started!! Many thanks from Swaziland & South Africa!!
Cassandra Gillie
Friendly and efficient experience from the team,highly recommended! Thank you DC Global Talent for setting me up on my new Journey and a very special thanks to Kathe Small! Blessings
Urias Ganas
Thank you to Daniella and Alma for helping find a great job! Both were very professional and helpful in answering all my questions.
Luisa O
I was particularly impressed by Katherine’s recruiting skills. So humble, talented and professional. She helped in my career shift and has been an ultimate support in all possible ways. All went fast & here I am today up for a new challenge. Katherine was available any time of the day for queries and suggestions. She definitely is an asset and any company would be lucky to have her in the team.
Pinky Neermul
Excellent agency , good communication skills with perfect costumer service , hope the best for you DC Global Talent and Thank you for the service , thank you madam khaterine and all the team
Othmane Bisbis
It was a pleasure working with Daniela as a candidate for a recent position I landed through her. She kept me informed at every stage and was helpful in finalizing some negotiations on the offer. In addition, she was always prompt in responding and relaying information. A very professional and pleasant approach. Thanks so much.
Simon de Groot
Daniela contacted me about a wonderful opportunity at a leading ski resort. She continually follow up and make sure the process was moving forward. I was offered a position and accepted it. I am very grateful for Daniela’s afford to ensure the position was a perfect fit for me. Thank you dcglobaltalents
Natsuda Dumrongpanich
I want to thank Daniela for the excellent recruiting process that I had with her. Nowadays is difficult to find headhunting companies that follow up with you so closely. Daniela always kept me informed about my status during the interview process. I decided to take a new job new opportunity, leaving a company that I worked for more than ten years, and Daniela had so much to do with that. I recommend her work. Thanks, Daniela, for all your support. Changing jobs is not an easy decision, and my entire process was so professional and kind, thanks to you.
Pilar Ortiz
Daniela is very professional Recruiter. She helped me throughout the recruiting process and made the process smooth . She helped me and cleared all the questions I am having and very much responsive. She cleared all the HR related questions. She is at top notch when it comes to professionalism and dedication at work. I will recommend Daniela, for those who are looking for wonderful career . Thanks Much Daniela.
Hemanth Reddy
I worked with Daniela multiple times around the Caribbean, her passion and effectiveness to recruit the right people for the right position is unique. Thank you Daniela and keep doing what you do because we need recruiters like you.
Francisco Aguila Arellano
Daniela was a great support throughout the entire recruitment process. She helped setup the interviews and followed up after every one. Once I was hired, she stayed involved to make sure the on boarding was going according to plan.
James Needham
Daniela is a very professional and comprehensive recruiter. She helped me to get a position overseas with full transparency and support. She is talented at what she does and my new employer values her work highly!
Steve Toms
Nimble, connected, adaptable and professional are some of the key qualities of Daniela Correia. Her warm, engaging and kind-hearted personality has made it even easier to select her as my preferred recruiter - whether I’m recruiting or aiming to find a new opportunity. I’ve worked with Daniela on two separate occasions, once as a candidate and the other time while searching for the ideal candidate. As soon as I contacted her, she was able to connect me with several prospects who were not only qualified for the role but possessed the natural traits for the hospitality industry. I am forever grateful to Daniela and would encourage others to entrust her with all recruiting needs - you will not be disappointed. Thank you Daniela for all you do.
Diandra Ogbe
Daniela is a great recruiter to work with. She had no trouble taking what I explained as my perfect candidate and finding that person. Her ability to sift through my wants and needs was unlike any of the recruiters that I had worked with before and she was not sending through candidates just for the sake of it; she only put through those who should be in the running. I look forward to working with her on future projects.
Jeremy A.
Thank you Daniela for supporting me to find a comfortable place to work in and your quick and genuine services are appreciated as well as I would like to recommend my friends about you and good luck.
Asanga Srinath
Thanks Daniela for helping me to find my new job. The journey was a smooth one and you made everything so easy. Your a true professional and I would recommend anyone looking to pursue their dreams in their dream profession to seek your help in doing so. Thank again! Your amazing!
Theo Rock
My experiences with Daniela have been nothing short of professional. She was very involved in my job selection from presenting me to her client until after landing the job she would check in on me to make sure it was the right choice and I was doing well in my new environment. Because of my personal experience with Daniela and my satisfaction, I have recommended Daniela to many others who are seeking job opportunities and like myself they are grateful for being able to work with her. I would continue to work with DC Global in the future and would continue recommending my connections to Daniela and DC Global. Thank you Daniela
Robert Gregg
I had the distinct pleasure of having been a client of Daniela as a prospective employer seeking talents in the Caribbean region, recently for a resort opening. I can say, without hesitation, that DC Global Talent have exceeded our expectations on all assignments whether retained or on contingency basis. Daniela has a strong database of prospective talents and is a reliable source of information always displaying integrity. Daniela knows that looking for a good match is a “win-win” situation and systematically analyzed the project goals, profiles needed, helped us to narrow the description of the positions, and adapted her search to the set terms and conditions reaching out to highly qualified talents. In conclusion, I highly recommend Daniela and her professional recruitment services. She is a professional in her own right and does an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires.
Christian Langlade
I have no hesitation in recommending Daniela highly. She worked for us on two recruitment programs for hotels in the Caribbean, in both cases very effectively, successfully sourcing suitable candidates for top, middle and lower management positions. Our experience with Daniela was excellent, she is extremely professional, always available, reacts very quickly, never suggests unsuitable candidates, always properly vets her applicants, and is generally pleasant and dedicated. We will certainly be engaging Daniela's services again.
Michael Wilkings
I would like to thank Daniela for helping me with a placement in Cayman Islands. I would really like recommend anyone who is looking for a job to reach out to Daniela. Many thanks Daniela
Kevin M.
I would love to give a big appreciate to Mrs Daniela correia for her big support that she gives me, I got a job in grand Cayman Islands. And she is a great person was my pleasure to know her and she was with me in every step until I reach her to the island. Big up I wish you good luck. Thank you once again for your assist and support .
Amine Ouardini
I got a new job in Grand Cayman. I strongly recommended to everyone Daniela Correia is did my employment process very fast within a month, thanks you my friend.
Tony Vargas
I got a new job in hospitality industry in Grand Cayman. I strongly recommended to everyone in culinary professional Daniela Correia is did my employment process very fast within a month.
Suresh Ganapathi
I had the pleasure of being recruited by Daniella for what turned out to be “my dream job”. During the process, It was very easy to work with Daniella, she was very professional and easy to work with, she always had my best interest at heart. She was very knowledgeable about the position that she was recruited for and had the answers to all the questions I could have asked. Daniella, I just want to say thank you. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new position.
Andy Scott
I just want to say what Daniela has done for is unbelievable. She recruited me for a new job in a different continent, she made the transition so smooth it could not have gone better. she was there for me the whole time and always answered my question right away. the funny thing was even my new boss said in the interview that Daniela did amazing, he worked with different recruiters but never hot good results this fast. Thanks for everything and good luck.
Wouter de Bis
I cannot say enough great things about Daniela! A top professional with excellent customer service, she excelled in finding us the perfect candidate for a position we had been having difficulty filling. Recruiting for the Hawaiian market can often be challenging, but Daniela got the job done quickly. Mahalo!
Michael Ostrowski
Daniela has always proved herself to be hard working and dedicated individual. She is a strong and independent person who is very reliable, takes proactive action and possesses great interpersonal skills. Daniela is always able to take on more challenges and projects all the while remaining positive throughout all times. I know that Daniela would excel at any opportunity that crossed her path.
Sarah Gabriel
Daniela was a huge help! She connected me with a fantastic restaurant in the Cayman Islands and she helped me every step of the way with my work permit! And on top of that, she linked me with industry people, two of whom im moving in with next week! What an opportunity it is and I appreciate Daniela for all the help!
Kyle Pittman
Great company and customer service, always a pleasure.
Jamie Lyn Rezoski
Amazing recruitment company! There for you every step of the way, thank you for this experience
Victoria Jurkowski
This was one of the best recruitment companies I ever worked with. Daniela is an incredible professional and is very good at what she does. She was very quick to respond to my emails and questions. Relocating to an island is somewhat a scary thought, however Daniela was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for all your help!
Vika Vee
I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Daniela is knowledgeable, helpful, resourceful and kind! They expertly guided me through the process start to finish. This move was a leap of faith - but they were the parachute that ensured a thrilling, yet smooth landing... in paradise!
Elyse Sinclair
Daniela is the best! She is super reliable and always ready to answer questions. She didn't give up until she found the perfect workplace for me and helped me through every step of the way. 100% recommend the agency!
Allie DiMauro
I would recommend to everyone to work with Mrs Daniela Correia. She is a great person and she gonna assist you in every step until you reach you goal, I wanna give a big up to her and thank her for helping me to reach my goal and come to grand Cayman Islands. I appreciate that. Good luck with your work.
Amine West Brown
Working with DC Global Talent was a breeze! Relocating to another country is an important decision and after asking all of the right questions to Daniela, I was able to land my dream job. This opportunity would not even be on my radar without DC Global Talent. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to find a job in the Caribbean.
Jeanne Marie
DC Global Talent is the most professional recruitment business I've used! Supplied me with prompt, educated and motivated people which I still have with me to this day! Thank you.
Brandon Happeney
DC Global Talent has helped me in identifying my career goals and ensuring I am making the right steps to achieve them. I am thankful for the expertise of this agency and their assistance in ensuring I landed my dream job, Thank you so much!
Chantal Marinho
From day one I had a good vibe about DC Global Talent. Started with an email to Daniela, she followed up with a phone call, submitted my resume, did an interview, filled out my paperwork with DC Global Talent assistance and the rest is history. Except of course, for the part that has me employed as Head Chef in Grand Cayman at one of the finest eating establishments on the island. Thanks to everyone who made this amazing experience possible.
Richard Caruso