North West Company, British Virgin Islands


North West Company


British Virgin Islands


The North West Company, a multinational Canadian grocery and retail corporation, runs stores across Canada’s western provinces and northern territories, as well as in Alaska, Hawaii, and various other countries and US territories in Oceania and the Caribbean.

Originating from the historic North West Company, a fur trading enterprise headquartered in Montreal from 1779 to 1821, it later merged into the Hudson’s Bay Company. Following this, it evolved into the Fur Trade Department and subsequently the Northern Stores Division of Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1987, a consortium of investors acquired the division, which was later rebranded as The North West Company in the 1990s. Now publicly traded, it largely comprises the former HBC Northern Stores Division.

The Alaskan operations of The North West Company are rooted in the history of the Alaska Commercial Company, tracing back to the Russian-American Company. Cost-U-Less, operating in Hawaii, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean, became part of the company through acquisition in 2007. Additionally, in 2017, The North West Company acquired 76% of Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd, which operates in the British Virgin Islands.


The North West Company contacted DC Global Talent seeking assistance in locating a Meat Manager for their operations in the British Virgin Islands.

Roles we recruited:

Meat Manager

Time to fill:

35 Days