Set goals effectively before the new year

1. Write goals down and review them periodically Resolutions that aren’t written down are destined to fail quickly. So write them out, and not just …

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How to stay productive in the workplace

Burnout occurs in real life. Overcommitting, missing deadlines, skipping downtime, and relentlessly pushing oneself to succeed can have a significant detrimental impact on both your …

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Daniela Correia DC GLOBAL TALENT

Why should you be networking?

Why you should be networking? Simply put, networking means building connections with other professionals. Networking should always be beneficial to both parties. The reasons why …

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Career Advice: How do you ask for a raise?

Finding a new, higher-paying job or requesting a raise are your two options if you feel that you deserve to be paid more for the …

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Career Advice for Job Seekers, Resume Tips: Your Experience

A strong work experience section is important since it demonstrates that you have the skills essential to be a benefit to a potential employer. Additionally, …

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