Edgewater Group, Grand Cayman | Head of Construction

Service Offered: Executive Search

Position: Head of Construction

Company Overview

Industry: Construction

Location: Grand Cayman

Geography: Caribbean

Roles hired: 1

Company Objective:  The CEO of the Edgewater Group wanted to step back from the day to day operations and therefore was seeking a qualified and experienced Head of Construction who he can trust and who would be able to handle operations, while the CEO moves into a more strategic role.

Client: Edgewater Group

Roles Recruited: Head of Construction

  1. How would you describe your experience working with DC Global Talent Inc.?

    Good experience, found good candidates quickly.

  2. What convinced you to make use of DC Global Talent Inc.?

    Recommendation from another Business

  3. Did DC Global Talent Inc. meet your expectations?


  4. How likely are you to make use of their services again?

    Very likely

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