The Benefits of using a recruitment agency

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Making use of a recruitment agency has endless benefits. DC Global Talent Inc. is a recruitment agency specializing in Hospitality and Foodservice, our agency’s mission is to connect the best career opportunities with the best companies by expanding our network and sharing wonderful chances with more people.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits when making use of a recruitment agency.

Better matches to jobs and companies

Insights into a position, as well as a company’s culture, values, and expectations, may not always be available to a regular job applicant. Recruitment agencies put a great deal of effort into understanding both sides of a hire, since it is in their best interest to make a good match between both the candidate and the company. Putting candidates in a position to succeed benefits all three parties and can make sure the next job you land is the best one.

You will gain valuable feedback

A job search is exhausting enough when one is doing everything right. But there’s often no way to tell if you’re nailing an interview or if your resume needs to be optimized without reaching out to friends or peers. A recruiting agency can provide resume and job interview tips and feedback to expedite the hiring process and improve an applicant’s chances of getting an offer.

You will gain access to specialised job opportunities

Some vacancies are available only through recruitment agencies, especially if the employer needs to fill a vacancy quickly and with the right candidate. This grants you an advantage over other job seekers, especially if the vacancy is specialised. In addition, some agencies specialise in particular industries, which means that you could find a job in your area of specialty much faster. If you are at the top of your industry, finding a suitable vacancy in your remuneration bracket could be difficult without the help of someone who could lobby for you.

Our agency will stay involved until you are employed

Employment contracts usually have a standard probation period during which you and your new employer can determine whether you’re both happy with the fit. If either of you chooses not to continue past the probation period, the contract is discontinued, and you go back into the agency’s talent pool. The agency stays in touch during this period – with you and the employer – and handles some contractual and human resources aspects.

And on top of that, using a recruitment agency when job hunting or talent scouting will lead to the following benefits:

  • You save much time and effort.

  • You can be registered without actively searching, until the right vacancy comes along.

  • You gain access to specialised vacancies.

  • Vacancies presented to you would match your specific skills and needs.

  • When invited for an interview, you already know that you’re potentially a good match.

  • Probation periods allow you to move on to other opportunities without a record of resignation.

  • It’s free! You don’t pay for any services – the employer does.