PDL, Grand Cayman

Recruitment DC Global Talent Caribbean and Americas

Client Service: 2023

Company: PDL

Location: Grand Cayman

Service: Recruitment


Founded in February of 2003, PDL emerged as a result of the strategic merger of three well-established Caymanian enterprises: Kirkconnell Brothers Ltd, Foster Brothers Ltd, and Fosters Food Fair Wholesale. These entities have played a pivotal role in shaping the Cayman Islands’ landscape, and PDL proudly carries forward the legacy of community progress and advancement.

Cayman Kind is what makes us Cayman Strong.”

With a storied history spanning decades, the second and third generations of the Foster family now guide the company’s management. Our commitment to fostering enduring relationships, unwavering reliability, and conducting business with unwavering integrity serves as the driving force behind our aspirations to contribute to the ongoing growth of the Cayman Islands.

Leveraging technology, sound business strategies, and well-established supplier connections, PDL stands equipped to provide customers with competitive pricing, steadfast and trusted service, and knowledgeable assistance across diverse departments. Our stringent standards are exemplified by the quality of products we deliver, the excellence of our services, and our steadfast adherence to sound business ethics.

PDL eagerly anticipates the continuation of this journey, envisioning a future marked by revitalized growth, elevated customer satisfaction, and a flourishing economy for the Cayman Islands.

How we helped:

PDL reached out to D.C. Global Talent Inc seeking assistance in securing both a Junior Commercial Equipment Technician and a Commercial Equipment Technician. These roles were integral in conducting routine preventive maintenance and servicing for a diverse range of commercial equipment. Central to the mission was a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and upholding stringent safety standards. However, PDL faced difficulties in attracting suitable candidates to fill these roles in their island-based operations.

We provided:

– 6 Shortlisted Candidates

– 1x Junior Commercial Equipment Technician 

– 1x Commercial Equipment Technician

2 Months, 15 Days to Fill