Vida, Cayman Islands

Recruitment DC Global Talent Caribbean and Americas

Client Service: 2023

Company: Vida Cayman

Location: Cayman Islands

Service: Recruitment


At VIDA Ocean Adventure Lodge, we beckon you back to a life richly lived, a life entwined with the great outdoors. Our passion lies in responsibly sharing the hidden treasures and tranquil beauty of Barkers National Park. Within our embrace, discover the joy of shared explorations and the transformative magic of nature. Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic sports and rejuvenating wellness activities that only VIDA can offer.

Dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship, VIDA is committed to a solar-powered ethos, infusing our entire resort with eco-conscious energy. With a resolute stance against single-use plastics, we’ve embarked on alternative solutions. Our commitment extends to fostering relationships with local farmers, eateries, and enterprises that share our ecological principles, nurturing a harmonious ecosystem for all to enjoy.

How we helped:

Vida Cayman engaged D.C. Global Talent Inc. in search of a proficient General Manager. This vital role encompassed overseeing F&B service agreements, elevating guest experiences, leading a team, and spearheading sustainability and wellness endeavours. Crucial qualifications included pre-opening expertise and substantial contacts within Online Travel Agencies across North America. Despite the allure of the island, Vida Cayman encountered obstacles in attracting the right candidates for this pivotal role.

We provided:

– 4 Shortlisted Candidates

– 1 Successful Hire

Р21 Days to Fill